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The Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Expo (enABLE) is an event that brings together global entrepreneurs, international business leaders, and industry experts to network, invest, partner and grow their businesses in collaboration. enABLE typically features professional keynote speakers, panel discussions, product and service showcases, and networking opportunities. Attendees can expect to learn about new business strategies, gain valuable insights from industry experts, connect with potential partners, customers, and investors, and promote their businesses. The expo's focus is usually on various aspects of business such as leadership, innovation, marketing, sales, and funding.

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Dubai  2025 coming soon!!

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The event is the perfect place for you to showcase your new business products and promote your services.


Come and pitch your business idea to a group of potential investors who are on the lookout for the next investment or partnership opportunity. 


It can be hard to get your business in front of the right people, especially if you're not sure where to start. Reaching potential customers and partners can feel like a challenging milestone to achieve.

Finding the right opportunity to share your message with the world, its like finding a needle in a haystack.


Most business events are filled with people who are not your target market and most likely to be your competitors.

Would it be good if you attended an event where you are the STAR of the show and everyone is there to support, promote and collaborate with you?

Would it be good to get your business idea onto the stage and receive interest of possible joint ventures. 

enABLE is the perfect place for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to take their businesses to the next level. This event offers an opportunity to learn from industry experts, network with other business owners, and promote your business or idea.

The Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Expo (enABLE) is the perfect place to launch or promote your product or service, speak on stage, pitch your business or service, connect with successful entrepreneurs, explore business collaborations and joint ventures, get professional videos and professional photography, and nominate your business for an excellence award at the Gala Dinner and Awards Night.


This is a great opportunity to get yourself, your products or service out there, upscale your business,  and start making connections. The Expo offers a platform for you to speak to a large audience about your product or service, as well as giving you the chance to meet other successful entrepreneurs who can offer advice and support. You can also take advantage of the professional services on offer, such as getting high-quality videos and photos taken that will help you promote your business.


And finally, don't miss the chance to nominate your business for an excellence award at the gala dinner - this could be the boost you need to take your business to the next level!

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Entrepreneurs and Business owners

This enABLE conference can provide valuable opportunities and resources for taking your business to the global market. Network and collaborate  with other international entrepreneurs and business leaders to build an empire.


This enABLE conference can provide opportunities for senior leaders to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and developments, and to learn about new strategies and best practices.

Corporate Leaders and Managers


Investors and financial Professionals

This enABLE conference can provide opportunities for new investment opportunities and to network with other investors and entrepreneurs. Expand your investment portfolio. 


Sales and Marketing Executives

This enABLE conferences can provide opportunities to reach, engage and collaborate  with potential customers who are seeking the services and products of marketing executives.



This enABLE conference can provide opportunities for start-ups to pitch their products, services or business ideas to a large audience and connect with potential investors, partners, and customers. Display their products or services and connect with potential investors or partners. 


Jobseekers and Graduates

This enABLE conference can provide employment opportunities for jobseekers and graduates. Participants often include representatives from companies and organizations that are looking to hire new employees. 

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enABLE is a great platform for entrepreneurs and business leaders to showcase their products and services and find new business opportunities.



enABLE provide an opportunity to connect and build relationships with other global entrepreneurs, business leaders, and industry experts. 



enABLE offers a great platform for entrepreneurs and business leaders to collaborate with like-minded business leaders  and establish valuable business relationships.



Many investors and venture capitalists attend the expo, providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to pitch their business ideas and secure funding for their business projects.



enABLE presents a remarkable opportunity for investors to engage with global leaders, explore lucrative investment prospects, and draw inspiration from the journeys and achievements of entrepreneurs and business leaders, all while boosting motivation and confidence



Promoting your business at the enABLE can be a great way to increase your business visibility, generate leads, and connect with potential customers, partners, and investors.


Speak on stage


Showcase your products


Collaboration opportunities


Global keynote Speakers


Get professional Videos


Pitch your business


Networking and new connections


Business Industry Awards


Get professional photos


Coached on your pitch


Pitch your start-up Idea


Investments opportunties

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The Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Expo 2025 will be held in the heart of the City of Dubai, United Araba Emirates.  



Dubai is a hub for international trade and business, making it an ideal location for entrepreneurs and business owners to expand their reach and connect with potential partners and customers from all over the world.

Dubai has a reputation for being a business-friendly environment, with low taxes, a stable currency, and a pro-business government. This makes it an attractive location for entrepreneurs and business owners to set up and operate their businesses.

Dubai is home to a large number of entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world.


This provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners to network and make valuable connections with other industry professionals.

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enABLE 2025 will be held at the Shangri-La Hotel Dubai. It is a luxury hotel located in the heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is one of the tallest hotels in the world and the tallest hotel in the city.

The Shangri - La Hotel Dubai offers a wide range of meeting and event spaces, including a grand ballroom that can accommodate up to 2,500 guests.


The hotel's state-of-the-art technology and expert event planning and catering teams make it an ideal location for conferences, exhibitions, and other business events.

The hotel is also located in close proximity to many of Dubai's top attractions, such as the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, and the Dubai Fountain, making it a great location for both business and leisure travelers.

In summary, Shangri-La Hotel Dubai is a luxury hotel that offers a wide range of amenities and facilities, ideal for business travelers and conference attendees.


With its state-of-the-art technology, expert event planning and catering teams, it's a perfect location for business events, and its location in the heart of Dubai, makes it ideal for leisure travelers as well.

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Come join us on January 2025  at the luxurious Shangri-La Dubai, UAE for an elegant evening of recognition and celebration. 


You'll enjoy a three-course meal, entertainment, and keynote presentations from special honorary guests. And of course, the highlight of the night will be the enABLE Business Awards and recognition presentation. It's sure to be a night you don't want to miss!


This is your chance to rub elbows with some of the most influential people in your industry. 


Not to mention, it's a great opportunity to network and build relationships that could lead to future success.


So don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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The Founders and organisers


The founders and organisers of the Authors Book Launch and Expo are a husband and wife team, Dr Hassan Younes and Dr Sarifa Alonto Younes. 

Married for 25 years, they are partners in life and partners in business. SO far, they have established over 20 successful companies and  businesses so far in their life together. 

Driven by a common vision and passion to make a difference in the world, the main focus of their business is in education across all ages from early childhood education, school all the way to higher and adult education.

Here is a little more about Dr Hassan Younes and Dr Sarifa Alonto Younes

Dr Hassan Younes

Dr Hassan Younes is an international speaker, Best-Selling author and a global serial entrepreneur. He has a background in aerospace engineering, organisational change and business management across multiple diverse industries, and over two decades in the education and training sector.​

Dr Hassan Younes holds a doctorate in Business administration (Leadership & Management), an honours degree in Aerospace Engineering and other qualifications in Business Management and Education.

Dr Sarifa Alonto Younes

Dr Sarifa Alonto Younes is a multi-award-winning international speaker, Best-Selling author, edupreneur and philanthropist.

She holds a Doctorate in Education, a Master's Degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Master’s Degree in Education and Training and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, which made her a strong voice on the international stage, speaking on education, management, leadership and women empowerment.

On the foundation of their common vision to enable business leaders  propel their business legacies onto the global stage  and make a bigger positive impact to our world, Dr Hassan and Dr Sarifa Younes established the entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Expo (enABLE).

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